Progress of IMC

1. Civil Work

i )  Upgraded Trade : Civil Works of upgradation of Mechanic Radio & TV Trade to Mechanic Consumer Electronics stands completed in October 2011 expenditure incurred 1.5 Lac

Upgraded Mechanic Consumer Electronics Trade

ii )  New Trades : IMC has proposed starting of four new trades under PPP mode for which new building is coming up within the premises of ITI Pattan.

The following new trades are proposed under PPP Mode :

  1. Mechanic Agricultural Machinery. ( One Unit. )

  2. Modern Woodwork. ( One Unit. )

  3. Plumber One Unit.( One Unit. )

  4. Draughtsman Civil. ( One Unit. )

The brief description of building is :

Title of Work :   Construction of Skeleton R.C.C. Framed Structure ( Two Storeyed Workshop complex with Attic ) under PPP mode at ITI Pattan.

Approx cost :      29 Lacs

Name of SchemeCentrally Sponsored Public Private Partnership Mode ( PPP Scheme )

Monitored by :     Institute Management Committee of ITI Pattan. ( IMC OF ITI PATTAN )

Name of the consultant / Civil Engineer : Er. Ghulam Nabi Jan. ( BE Civil, Retired Engineer Govt. of J&K PWD )

Name of Executing Agency / Person : Shabir Ahmed Rather.

Completion Period   :               Three Months.

Date of Start of Work    :         2nd April 2012.

Reference :     NIT No. : 5, Dated : 20.09.2011

Work Order Reference :     No :  ITI / P / PPP / Bld  /  136 – 140, Date :   22    /   02    /  2012.

Remarks : The Civil works started from 1st week of April as per the directions of IMC, keeping in view the weather conditions of the valley.

 Progress and Status of Civil Works  :     The work completed upto Column level first floor

Pictures of PPP building since start of Civil Works




2. Procurement of Tools & Equipment :

i )  Upgraded Trade : Tendering process for Procurement of Tools, Shopout fit and Equipment of Mechanic Consumer Electronics Trade finalized. Supply order placed to lowest bidders. Supplied equipment under verification.

ii )  New Trades : The procurement of Tools, Machinery & Equipment of four new trades shall be initiated after completion of PPP building, or even before that as per directions of IMC.

Last updated ; 4th August 2012, Saturday.