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Court Cases and Status :

In which court,  b. Institute / Management Committee / Trainers are Party

CWP No.  / Hon’ble High Court Srinagar




WPNO. 313 of 2002 CMNO. 514 of 2002 L.M.P No. of 2005,

Mr. Irshad Hussain Main, Dailywager/vs State. Through                         Ahmad vakil Advocate High Court


1.Application for seeking a directions to respondents, allow to the petitioner to continue as Jr. Assistant.

S.W.P No. 1061 of 2008 and DLK/lit/08/507/Tech-Edu.                                       Dated:-29-07-2008

Mr. Showkat Ahamad Shiekh COPA Instructor (Academic arrangement) Through G.N Hafiz Vs State and ors. Advocate High Court


1.Allow the petitioner to continue work and release the salary in favour of the petitioner without causing any impediments regularly.

S.W.P No 1012. DLK/LIT/2012/273 Tech-Edu.

Mrs. Mehjabeen Rasool Consolidated Instt. Language title Manzoor Ahamad Wani Vs State and ors. High Court


1.To pay the arrears of pay equivalent to the minimum of pay scale attached to the Posts petitioner with effects from 16-10-2003 to 31-07 2006

2.To give benefit of DA in favour of petitioners.

3.To pay back the amount of six pay commission pay Arrears paid to the petitioners.

4.Not to alter or change the pay fixation of the petition made by the respondents.

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